Top 3 Womens Vegan Shoes for 2020

It’s a new year! You know what that means – it’s also a time to update our list of the best womens vegan shoes. If you’re new here, this article is always giving you some of the best vegan shoes for women. We’re obsessed with vegan shoes not only for its design and comfort but also for the materials used to make it. For the people who aren’t aware, vegan shoes are called such due to the absence of animal skin on the materials used to make them. That means their “guilt-free” so to speak. Not only are you getting high-quality footwear, but you’re also not killing the wildlife for it. With that said, here’s a list of the best women’s vegan shoes to start 2020:




Toms Corduroy Women’s Carmel Sneakers

Tom’s vegan sneakers will make you roll back to the seventies. These corduroy kicks will make sure your feet are comfortable, while also providing a stylish touch on top of its simplicity. While not known as a vegan brand, US-based footwear company Toms offers an extensive range of shoes that are. Inspired by the California vibe, these pair of sneakers are one of the straight must-haves among vegan shoe lovers. Entering the year, Toms corduroy sneakers are among the top list of vegan shoes in terms of sales and demands. With the variety of styles and patterns available, you can own as many as you want and not get bored with any one of them.


M&S Collection Metal Trim Vegan Loafers

If there’s any shoe brand that deserves high praise for their huge range of vegan shoes, M&S should be the one. Their line of womens vegan shoes isn’t just kind to animals, but they’re also well-made as well. They’re also available in different styles and designs. Their metal trim vegan loafers caught our attention with its incredible finish and design. Add the comforting softness, and you’ve got a complete pair of shoes for everyday use.


Beyond Skin Lexie Faux Leather Vegan Stilettos (Black)

Every woman needs a reliable pair of high heels, whether it’s for work, play, or both. The Beyond Skin black vegan stilettos were recommended to us by a follower who has a big collection of vegan shoes in the country.


We have a full list of the top 10 womens vegan shoes available on our blog page. Click this link now to access that article and get to know other variants of vegan shoes that made the cut.