Is There Evidence That Weighted Blankets Can Help Treat Anxiety?

You may have heard about some claims that weighted blankets can treat anxiety. That’s maybe one of the reasons why you are reading this article to know more if it is true that weighted blanket has some power to relieve some of your worries.

In recent years, weighted blankets have surged in popularity. You may be thinking whether to believe if these items can indeed do anything for something as serious as anxiety or if it is only a trendy product with overblown wellness claim.

Fortunately, in this post, we will help you find out if weighted blanket for adults with anxiety truly works. We will unlock some key factors that may curb your anxiety if you begin using it.

The look of weighted blanket goes much similar to a throw pillow. The only difference of weighted blanket is the fact that it consists of tiny glass sand or plastic pellets. Those materials help to distribute up to 30 pounds of weight evenly on the user’s body, which assists them when sleeping or relaxing.

The use of a weighted blanket varies on how much weight people prefer in a blanket. Although many experts always advise using one that is about 10 per cent of your body weight, there is no standardised recommendation.

For people with autism, weighted blankets were primarily used as a therapeutic tool. In fact, weighted blankets are used by some occupational therapists and parents in reducing stress and agitation in people with autism.

Moreover, the number of people thinking that a weighted blanket can have more to offer continues to increase after its recent explosion in popularity. That’s why the concept of a weighted blanket for adults with anxiety was realised. The idea that it works to lessen anxiety is based on deep pressure touch stimulation.

The pleasant and soothing sensation associated with different forms of compression-based touch like hugging and massaging is deep pressure. Most people love the feeling of pressure against their body and find it much relaxing and calming.

As what experts say, the deep pressure found in weighted blankets helps lessen that physiological arousal that comes with anxiety. It is through acting directly on the autonomic nervous system. You are probably well-aware of the fact that many anxiety symptoms can be physical if you happen to experience it in your life.

Take note that the approach to treating anxiety requires a lot of conditioning and training in mind. They need to remain positive and optimistic as it involves both the mental and emotional state of an individual.

In terms of eliminating anxiety, there are mainstream treatment solutions and medications available. However, with the increasing number of people proving how effective weighted blankets are, it is tough to argue and go against it.