Top 3 Innovative Web Design Adelaide Trends that Are Rocking in 2019

It’s hard to believe, but 2019 marks the final chapter of the decade. The internet has grown exponentially in the past ten years and is continuing to expand its influence in our everyday lives. To recap, we’ve seen the reign of mobile, the introduction of AI, VR, AR, AMP, and many other acronyms. As exciting as all of these new technologies has been, where we really and feel these changes is in web design Adelaide trends.



If you’re a web designer, you can conclude that the past decade was a roller coaster ride. Many web design trends were popping everywhere. As the year progresses towards a new era, we’ve gathered the top three compelling web design trends that are rocking 2019 so far, including the ones that are rising in popularity. Continue reading as some of these designs might be useful and relevant to your projects:


Serifs on Screen

As web designers, we’ve all heard the rule that serifs are for print and sans serifs are for the screen. But one thing’s always consistent when it comes to web design, and that is change. This year, this concept took a little unconventional turn, where sans serifs is now also used on screen. Sans’ clean profile is still the go-to option for longer bouts on website copy. However, more and more are turning towards the bold sans serif in other aspects of their designs, such as their callouts and headers. You should check out this trend and see if it fits with your taste.


Black-and-White Palettes

If you’ve been paying attention to a lot of new web design Adelaide templates that are being used, you’d think that you’re back in the year 2007-2010 – the era where black-and-white web templates were most dominant. Today, designers tapped into that concept and added a little modernity with some simple fonts and laid back patterns. Black and white, or dark designs, are making a statement online, and you should consider this venture if you’re looking for a website that has a deeper tone that resembles peace and simplicity.

Natural Organic Shapes

Though web pages are usually set up for systematic grids, designers are turning towards natural shapes and smooth lines. Geometric structures such as rectangles, triangles, and squares with sharp corners create a sense of stability. At the same time, they also show distortion and unpredictability.


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