Removing Tree Stumps

Removing tree stumps is an important task and liability. Every day, lawyers are routinely filing liability cases for personal injuries resulting from tree stumps. One such example is a recently resolved case in New York. A 50-year-old Brooklyn woman was on her way to a walk with her son when she was struck and suffered a serious injury to the back of her leg.

tree stump removal Company in SydneyIn this instance, the responsible party, a landscaper, failed to use a proper mechanical chipper during the stump removal. As a result, the legal case filed against him was ruled in favour of the defendant. In this situation, the defendant hired a professional tree removal company to remove the tree remains. Although the legal case was settled outside the court, it was disclosed that the contractor did not use a chipper that met the law’s specifications.

In ensuring that your liability insurance does not cover the cost of removing tree stumps, it is best to let a professional firm remove the tree remains. It is better to hire a Tree stump removal Company in Sydney rather than tackle the problem yourself because many people do not have the proper equipment or know-how to remove a stump. Even if you have some basic knowledge about stump removal, many homeowners prefer to let a professional handle the task. Many homeowners may indeed be tempted to remove tree remains themselves, but doing so without proper knowledge can lead to further problems.

Professionals have the appropriate equipment, training, and experience to remove tree stumps and dispose of them safely. They have various options for disposing of stumps, including burning, cutting them into smaller pieces, or grinding them into an appropriate material. As they may be located deep underground, there are some options for removing tree stumps using a hoe or a shovel. These methods may not be effective if the stumps are extremely big or heavy. A good removal company will advise the homeowner on the most appropriate method of removing tree stumps, based on the type of stump, size, and location. Some homeowners may be tempted to try their version of removing tree stumps, but professional service can usually avoid any problems.

If you have many tree stumps to remove, you may need to schedule a consultation with a professional tree specialist. Tree stump removal Company in Sydney can generally remove tree stumps in one visit, depending on how many stumps are being removed at one time. In most cases, a stump removal company also will perform other tree care tasks such as removing tree roots, eliminating hazardous tree conditions, and other landscaping issues. Some companies may also offer a guarantee or warranty on their services, so be sure to ask if you are unsure of anything. In most cases, there should be no extra costs for removing tree stumps other than labour fees.