Importance of Stormwater Drainage Solutions System

The importance of stormwater drainage solutions systems is something that all property owners should understand. If you fail to provide for stormwater control, you are putting your building at risk. Stormwater runoff can run anywhere from a sidewalk to a parking lot to a stream. Property owners need to understand how to stop it from harming their landscaping, foundation, and even groundwater supplies. As a property owner, there are many laws in place regarding stormwater runoff prevention and management, and you should take the initiative to learn them.

A typical solution to control stormwater runoff is to install a surface water-absorbent, like a French drain. These systems are usually inexpensive and effective. Some systems, such as the French drains, are so effective that they may be required by law. You will also have to decide whether to use materials like stone or vinyl to channel stormwater runoff.

Stormwater is categorised into two forms: permeable and impermeable. Like soil, vegetation, and concrete, porous materials can soak up stormwater and move it down the downspouts and into the drainage system. Impermeable materials like asphalt, impervious surfaces like granite, and rock are not absorbent. If these materials are porous, water can move freely through them and ruin the vegetation growing against them. In some cases, the lack of permeability can allow for more chemical pollution because stormwater can pick up contaminants from the ground and transport them into storm drains or sewers.

stormwater-drainage-solutionsStormwater runoff can ruin parkland and heritage buildings. Property owners need to understand the importance of stormwater drainage systems. Stormwater that lands on a park or other public land get routed to stormwater drainage solutions system and controlled by a property owner through a permit. Permits can be obtained from local authorities or the city in which the property is located. If permits are not required, local governments can also set rules and regulations for the site’s proper upkeep.

A property owner who does not want to hire an engineer or a professional to inspect the property for possible water runoff problems can get a rain garden designed. A rain garden is simply a landscape comprised of porous materials that allow water to move through the ground without carrying any toxins or contaminants with it. These can include pebbles, stones, and grass that would otherwise act as a barrier against stormwater.

Stormwater runoff poses a significant threat to public health. The direct contact between stormwater and human skin causes many diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever. Other diseases come from inhaling airborne pollutants or through direct contact with contaminated drinking water. Public works can become dirty from mould growth, mildew, and graffiti if inadequate stormwater drainage systems are used. Stormwater runoff can also contaminate drinking water and create a risk for sewer overflow in public facilities. An effective stormwater drainage solutions system reduces risks to health and property.