Aluminium Mesh Screen Doors

If you’re in the market for a new screen door to separate your exterior and interior living spaces, check out this prior to your shop. You’ll discover all the information needed for choosing and installing a screen door that is perfect for your home and budget. Screen doors aren’t quite the same as ordinary storm doors, although the terms frequently are incorrectly used.

To break it down in simple terms, screen doors consist of a solid piece of metal (usually solid steel or aluminium) attached to two side panels by tracks. On each side of the screen there is a thin piece of mesh. When you open the top panel of the screen door, it slides toward the centre of the track and closes; when you close the bottom panel, the screen door is essentially opened and is sliding toward the floor. The mesh screen rolls in the reverse direction as well, hence the name screen door.




It’s a popular misconception that purchasing custom security doors with mesh screens means you’ll need to custom build windows or door openings too – they don’t. That misconception is about the “furnishings” required to complete the job. Although some special tools are needed to apply the screen or hardware to the opening, it’s not required to complete the installation. You can purchase screen doors that are already custom made – pick out the size and style (and colour) of the panel you like, measure the opening and cut to fit. Or you can choose to order custom-made doors that will do exactly your needs, dimensions and openings. This is also a good choice for people who live in buildings with standard size or shape windows, click here to investigate.

A benefit of ordering custom Security Screen Doors Adelaide is that you can choose precisely the type of wood or metal panels you’d like. You may even be able to request specialty doors to match an existing door. For example, some companies provide screen doors with decorative moulding. They can also work with you on the kind of hardware you’d like to have on the doors – some models can be fitted with dowels, hooks and other hardware that can be removed and used elsewhere if you wish.

When choosing screen doors with aluminium mesh screen panels, you should keep in mind that they are typically available only in standard-size openings. Therefore, you’ll need to measure the inside dimensions of your door before shopping. This is because some manufacturers offer their products in custom-fitted corners and other odd-shaped areas. However, most aluminium mesh screen doors are standard-sized and will fit most standard-sized doors (including corner and half-open varieties).

In addition to being available in standard-size doorways, some manufacturers also offer them in custom or specialty shapes. For example, a corner screen door can come in diamond, octagon, or heart shapes. Other door types, such as those that open flush with the floor, are available in hexagonal, rectangular, or square shapes. Finally, extruded aluminium screen doors that fit entirely through a standard-size door are also available.