SA Roller Door Repairs – Things You Should Do to Avoid Garage Door Repairs


A garage door is one of the most valuable components of your house. It’s primarily responsible for the protection of your vehicle. Without it, your ride will still be exposed to the elements even if you already have a garage. That’s why it’s essential that it’s always functional. However, there are things that we fail to do, which results in us calling for an SA roller door repairs team to help fix our garage door. As much as we want you to call for our garage door repair services, we also want you to make the most out of your garage door and not have to waste your money on costly repairs. That’s why we bring you some important things that you need to do to avoid garage door repairs:



Invest in Quality Roller Doors

We won’t deny, a garage door will cost you a fortune. However, that doesn’t give you any valid reason to not go for a high-quality garage roller door. It already requires a lot, so why not make your investment worth the while by going for the premium quality. What you need is a garage door that has durability written all over it. From the material used to the overall system, it needs to be flawless. That way, you can guarantee that you won’t be worrying about repairs for years to come.


Conduct Regular Maintenance

This second task also happens to be the most crucial part of making sure your garage door functions optimally every time. Spending just a few minutes every month on garage roller door maintenance will save you a lot from dealing with costly SA roller door repairs. If you do it often (every month), you’ll soon realise that regular maintenance won’t take longer than an hour. Here are some essential aspects of routine garage door maintenance that you need to keep in mind:


  • Lubricate all mechanical parts, i.e., hinges, springs, and rollers.
  • Adjust any loose bolts, screws, and other hardware as these small bits tend to loosen after several uses of your garage door.
  • Schedule a tune-up – call your local garage door expert to check each part of your door and make sure everything is working correctly.
  • Check for any broken cables or other wirings – inspect any wires in your garage door and make sure there aren’t any frayed ends. Make sure you don’t tamper with them.
  • Inspect the springs for gaps – gaps in the springs can cause structural damage to the opening and may break your garage door. This one is pretty dangerous, so it’s better if you let a garage door repairs expert do it for you.

If you’re currently dealing with a broken garage door, then don’t hesitate to call for SA roller door repairs right now! Call our hotline now to book an appointment.