Faux Wood Window Treatments – The Benefits Of Using Plantation Shutters As An Interior Window Treatment

Plantation Shutters Adelaide from Plantation-Shutters-Adelaide — elegant and beautiful window treatments available today for homes and offices. A plantation shutter is a heavy and stable wooden window covering a large frame made up of horizontal and vertical rails with louvres to control opening and closing. Mounting within this large frame is usually louvres, panels, fabric, glass or any other item which can safely be mounted on the frame.

Plantation shutters are normally painted to match the outside of the frame and can be left natural or painted to coordinate with surrounding furnishings. Shutters made using a plantation shutter style are considered to be decorative as well as functional — the louvres add to the decorative nature of the shutters by allowing a view out the entire window while the panels provide the support for the louvres to keep the shutters in place.

Another reason plantation shutters are used in interior applications is because of the fact they insulate. Most interior applications of plantation shutters will provide double with the amount of insulation compared to other types of window covering. The materials used in construction are specifically treated not to lose heat when the window is closed. Also, the louvres within the window coverings will not allow air to pass through them when the window is open, thereby eliminating drafts. All of these factors combine to provide high-quality insulation.

As previously mentioned, the weight of Plantation Shutters Adelaide from Plantation-Shutters-Adelaide tends to make them less portable than other window treatments. There are two main types of wood used in the manufacturing of these products — hardwoods or softwoods. Hardwoods are typically more durable than softwoods, but both types of wood are susceptible to swelling if placed in an environment where moisture or air is present. To counter this problem, some manufacturers will apply a special water-resistant coating to the slats.

For those looking for easy to care for window covering, plantation shutters are not your only option. Many people consider them to be among the easiest window treatments to care for and clean. With just a damp cloth and soap, you can easily wipe down the slats to ensure that dirt does not accumulate. Should you wish to use a cleaner, it would be best to avoid any that contain bleach because doing so may cause the wood to turn grey rather than clean it.

Although they can be expensive, many find that plantation shutters are worth their price. They are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. In addition to being attractive window treatments, they can also act as insulation against the elements. Many people who have used them in their homes say that they can maintain the required level of insulation even during cold seasons by allowing less heat to pass through. That is because, unlike other types of window treatments that will tend to get slanted towards the outside when the temperature changes, these panels will remain flat when open.

When choosing your faux wood window treatments, it is important to choose ones made from quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Since they are meant to be used as replacements for your original window frame, Plantation Shutters Adelaide from Plantation-Shutters-Adelaide should be able to provide the same level of quality as the real thing. As with any investment, you should do thorough research before choosing one over another. Make sure to look for well-known brands and a reputation for excellent craftsmanship.