Misuzi Jewelry From The Original Designers Of Switzerland

Misuzi in Australia mixes natural, vintage mixed media with precious and semi-precious stones, producing hand-crafted jewels of unparalleled durability and exclusivity. Since its launch in 2021, MISUZI continues to stay true to its timeless, original look of simple, wearable, classic pieces handmade to the best possible quality. The brand strives to produce only the best jewellery available, using traditional methods of bead-making followed by a string of years of experience refining techniques and materials.

Starting with the finest materials and the most innovative processes, Misuzi hand-knotted charms and handmade crystal bracelets create beautiful, unique pieces of fashionable, accessible and made from ethically sourced raw materials. This Australian company follows its mission to bring artisan products direct to consumers by working with some of the world’s best crafts, fair trade suppliers and local communities.

As one of the largest manufacturers and importers of jewellery labels in Australia and the world, Misuzi in Australia has set a vision for itself by sourcing its precious and semi-precious stones from Australia’s premium raw materials. As a home business opportunity for creative women, many talented women at Misuzi start at home with a computer and a love of jewellery making. From there, they expand into a full-fledged design and development. They seek out local, regional and international raw material suppliers to create new, innovative and visually stunning pieces for their clients. Once a client is happy with their product, it can be sold for a wholesale price to some different retailers worldwide.

Besides handmade jewellery and gemstone creations, they also create traditional, inspired handmade crystal jewellery and crystal balls and custom-designed jewellery for clients at various special events. Their custom-designed earrings and bracelets are gaining popularity with young fashion followers who are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to add sparkle and bling to their look.

Misuzi in Australia has four main product lines – Lotion, Dazzle, Luxury and Trend. Each of these has beautiful and elegant styles that are created with a high level of precision. In addition, the Melbourne based company also creates several exclusive collections inspired by famous international brands like cubic zirconia, pearls and Swarovski crystals. These beautiful jewellery are excellent for everyday wear and make great gifts for special occasions such as holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays.