How Do You Know Your Shoe Size?

Men’s Shoes – Finding a good pair of men’s shoes is no more a daunting task. There are many online shoe stores, specialty shoe stores that offer a wide variety of footwear for men. They cater to the needs of every kind of man. These shoe sizes are also available for men’s sandals and men’s shoes.

mens shoes AustraliaMen’s Shoe Sizes Generally speaking, there are various shoe sizes available for men. But specific general measurements can help you get a shoe size comfortably. The first thing to keep in mind when you are purchasing shoes is to buy a bigger pair than your foot size (in inches). It is better to get a slightly larger pair than you think you need to as it will help you avoid having to buy another pair of socks to go with the shoe.

Men’s Shoes Fit Generally, all shoes in the market are designed in different sizes. They are made to fit certain sized men, and the reason behind this is mainly because they have been created to have some specific functions and features. So now men’s shoes are designed for a slightly larger than the average man.

Wearing Unisex Shoes Men’s shoes are not always designed to be worn by men. However, there are lots of unisex shoes available in mens shoes Australia and one can wear these. For instance, men’s dress shoes can be worn with jeans or skirts and look great. But when it comes to men’s shoes that need to be worn with formal attire, the shoe size would be slightly bigger.

How to Find Your Suitable Shoe Size Usually, shoe sizing is taken from the height of the wearer and the width of the feet. To determine your shoe size, you should measure your waist and your shoes using a tape measure. You then need to get the inches from this measurement to the next height. The next step is to find out your shoe size by taking the measurements of both your waist and your shoes. Then this would give you your shoe size.

How Does the Size Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Shoes Work? There is no significant difference between the sizes of women’s and mens shoes Australia. So, you don’t need to worry about that one for you to know your shoe size. However, the shoe sizes for women and men are different by about two to six percent. It is the reason why most stores do not allow men to ask for shoe sizes directly.