Do Your Glass Windows Need Replacement?

If you are unsure whether you already need new windows, this article may help you make an informed decision. It is undeniably a big investment to replace all your windows at home. That’s why it is only sensible to wait until you need them. However, you shouldn’t trap yourself waiting too much for an emergency before you take action and replace your windows.

Listen carefully to what your windows may be telling you, especially if it is already more than a couple of decades old. By being attentive to your window’s condition, you will know when the right time is to seek a replacement.

Below are some tell-tale signs indicating that you already need to Find Glass Replacement Adelaide.

  1. You’re using old single-pane windows.

If your house is built before the year 1975 and still features its original windows that are made of single pane glass, then, you undeniably need a replacement. The windows manufactured today are made from either double or triple-pane glass. Take note that apart from being sub-standard, single pane glass windows are draughty and occasionally unsafe as well. Not only that but the worst thing is that single pane glass is least effective in keeping out the UV rays that pass through your windows and can fade colours.

  1. You suffer from high energy bills.

By letting in sunlight, windows provide some heat in the winter. However, your energy bills can go 20% higher if you have draughty windows. Thus, if you want to reduce your heating and cooling bills, Replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones is ideal.

Those new windows are valuable if you are considering listing your home for sale. In fact, the resulting energy cost savings can serve as a big selling point. However, you must not assume that all windows are the same. When you Find Glass Replacement Adelaide, you must also consider your specific needs and location, type as well as style of your property.

  1. Your windows are challenging to open or close.

Whether you want to open your window on a sunny summer day or close it when the skies darken before a storm, you shouldn’t put up a fight with it. You need to have your windows replaced if you wish to avoid the back or joint issues from increasing. You may have and to avoid such a struggle that would cause you to fall through the screen.

Keep in mind that the inability to lock a window poses considerable danger. It makes your home easier to enter for intruders. It only means that it puts your family and your prized possessions at risk. Not only that but although the window is closed, if its lock is not secured, it is possible for warm air to escape during winter and cool air in summer.