The 3 Best External Tiles in Adelaide for Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor structures like patios, verandahs, and swimming pool areas are built using masonry. It can be stamped or stained concrete, stone pavers, or brick. At the same time, you can also incorporate tiles to your outdoor area. By adding external tiles Adelaide, you’re making your outdoor design more versatile and sleek. This concept is also a great way to beautify your brick or concrete verandah or patio deck. There are many types of outdoor tiles available in the market right now. But we’ve come up with a list of the best materials that will boost the appearance of your outdoor area.


External Tiles AdelaideTraditional ceramic is an excellent option for outdoor tiles. It’s fantastic for verandahs, patios, carports, pergolas, and other structures that you have in your property. They’re known for their durability and longevity. However, despite that, it isn’t as strong as other materials like porcelain. That means you still need to be cautious. Do not put ceramic tiles in areas where you’re going to place heavy equipment or your vehicle. Despite its subtle limitations, ceramic tiles are still great for other outdoor applications. Probably its best feature of ceramic tiles is its price. It’s known as one of the least expensive outdoor tiles. That also means its price-to-quality ratio is quite high, making it a cost-effective option.


Porcelain is known as a durable and robust form of outdoor tile. It’s comparable to ceramic tiles; however, it’s twice as durable and longer lasting than ceramic. That means porcelain works great as external tiles Adelaide and can also work in many outdoor applications. The best option for porcelain tile that’s used outdoors is a textured one. Glossy porcelain tiles aren’t recommended since they tend to get slippery when they get wet. Anything smooth and glossy can become a problem when it gets hit with rain. At the same time, porcelain is also known for its thick layers, making it the perfect flooring system for your verandahs and patios.


Quarry tiles are made from a dense type of unglazed clay. They are known for their extreme durability and strength. These qualities make quarry one of the best external tiles Adelaide that you can use for your verandah, patio, and other outdoor areas. At the same time, quarry tiles are also attractive since they provide this modern and stylish appearance for your outdoor space. In addition, it’s also easy to stain. With the right climate and time, it can be an excellent choice for your outdoor space.

These are the top three best tiles that you can use for your outdoor space. We have a tone of other options available on our website. Check it out now and get a 15% discount on your first purchase.