What Car Paint Protection Means to You and Your Vehicle

Car paint protection is a simple service for any auto detailing business. The difference between an excellent service and a mediocre one is often determined by how they perform their function.

Understandably, a professional detailing service would not be in the market to rush their car paint protection. It takes considerable time to accomplish the same results a couple of men with rollers would achieve. Since so many vehicles are painted every year in Australia, an excellent detailer has many more hours to devote to a car’s paint job.

Car Paint ProtectionA professional auto detailer will take their time to ensure that their detailing will look the best it can. This means using a quality product that will help prevent the “orange peel” look and end up looking like a factory restored vehicle.

You can find many ideal Car Paint Protection products for very little money. Once again, the difference between a high and excellent service is often the price. When choosing a car paint protection product, you need to make sure that it will hold up to the pressures involved with detailing your car.

You should look for car paint protection products that will protect against solvents. Solvents are corrosive substances that can work their way into your paint and cause it to fade, crack or chip over time.

You should also look for car paint protection products that contain waxes. Waxes are commonly used as a thickener and as an anti-fading agent. They make your paint look “washed out” and also provide a barrier against water.

An excellent car paint protection product should also have epoxy in it. Epoxies are often used to seal cracks and crevices. The best epoxies will contain UV inhibitors and help to keep dirt and oil out of the cracks, which gives your paint a longer life.

Many Car Paint Protection products are mixed into the water used for detailing. The mix helps to seal the paint in plastic or rubberized container. In this manner, the paint is protected against weather conditions.

Water, in any form, is corrosive. It can damage any type of paint finish, including polyurethane and hard acrylic. Your best bet is to use a car wash and rinse chemicals that are specially formulated to handle tough stains.

Most of the car wash chemicals on the market are not suitable for automotive detailing. They contain phosphates, which can damage your paint if you use them. For that reason, you should only use car wash chemicals that are specially formulated for automotive detailing.

Even though car paint protection products are needed for the detailing process, you can’t rely on them for the long term. Your car’s finish will wear down, so the longer you let it sit, the more damage it will do. Also, you want to be sure that the paint protection you purchase will help protect your car from thieves and vandals.

Finally, make sure that your car paint protection product is going to give you an idea of how much your car’s finish will last. A good product will also tell you how long it will take for your vehicle to become scratched, how often it will crack and how often it will get peeling.