Important Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Wearing Baby Carriers

The term “babywearing” refers to the act of carrying your baby through wrapping him or her in your body and bringing them with you wherever you go. It’s a growing trend and one that’s getting the attention of modern-day mommies. Being able to wear your baby instead of putting them on a stroller helps reduce the possibility of them crying and feeling uncomfortable. In addition, it also makes breastfeeding much easier since it frees up your other hand. Most of all baby carriers also promote a special mother and child bonding. But before you can use your baby wrap, you need to know several safety tips to make sure you’re using it the right way. Here are some of these safety tips.

Practice Using It Without Your Baby

Baby CarriersFor first-time users, try using the carrier firsthand without having your baby on it. Doing will help you get a good feel of the item and make sure you correct any mistakes before using in on your baby. As an alternative, you can use a stuffed toy, a large doll, or even a medium-sized bag of flour. That way, you can add a variety of weight in your carrier. baby carriers can be quite difficult to remove, especially if you go for a more complicated wrap. That’s why you must practice wearing and removing the carrier. That way, you already know how to wear and remove it even before you use it with your baby. You can get some help if you want. But we’d suggest you also try doing it on your own so you won’t have to rely on other people. Familiarize the product and make sure you get a good feel of it before you incorporate your baby on it.

Make Sure You Position Your Baby Correctly

Make sure that your baby is positioned correctly the moment you wear your baby carrier. A common issue among baby wraps is that parents tend to wrap them too tight for their baby to breath properly. Make sure that his chin is not tucked underneath the cloth. At the same time, his face shouldn’t be pressing up against your body. We do not recommend these positions as they can obstruct your baby’s breathing, leading to unexpected suffocation. Instead, position your baby in an upright position, with his or her face facing out and visible at all times. Also, make sure you check on him all the time and see how your little one is holding up.


These are just some of the tips that you should always follow when using baby carriers. For more tips and tricks on how to use them properly, click here.