Kitchen Essentials for Baker Moms

Baking is an honourable career for some in the food production industry. It is a hobby for others who have other professions, while it is a “passion” for some mothers who want the best for their kids. If you’re a mom, who loves to bake cookies and other sweets for your kids, browse through our list of kitchen essentials. Whether you’re looking for AdelaideApplianceGallery Ovens or you need new measuring cups, this checklist will ensure that you’ve got everything you need!

  1. Bowls and Ladles

OvensStainless bowls are highly recommended when you’re into baking. As you may have noticed, professional bakers use containers in different sizes. You should also have a set of ladles for mixing cake mixtures and other baking necessities such as icing and liquid mixtures.

  1. Measuring Cups or Spoons

Every baker should have a set of measuring cups and spoons. The cups are mostly used for measuring flour, sugar, butter, and other ingredients that make up for a bigger chunk of the recipe. Spoons, on the other hand, are used for smaller measurements such as ginger, vanilla, and other related ingredients.

  1. Trays and Molds

Baking trays are used for uncooked sweets that will go inside the oven. If you’re still learning the basics, you can start with around five or six trays. For no-bake recipes, you will need high-quality moulding trays to make sure you come up with the desired look.

  1. Oven

Every baker should have a reliable oven that will produce only the best cakes and pastries. You can check out AdelaideApplianceGallery ovens for the most trusted brands from around the world. If you’re new in baking, get an oven that has digital timers, so you won’t get the cooking time wrong.

  1. Mixers

You can opt for hand-mixing if you have a lot of energy and time to spare. On the other hand, you can always purchase a durable stand or hand mixer that will reduce the need for elbow grease. You can also check out different mixer brands from your local appliance gallery.



  1. Other Needs

Before starting with an easy recipe, make sure you have a rolling pin ready. You will need it for bread and pasta-making. You should also get a pastry brush and spatulas or scrapers. Finally, you should purchase cake-baking tools such as cake smoothers, stencils, piping tips and bags, and a turntable.

Baking is fun when you have all the things you need especially the Ovens! Make sure to have your checklist ready when you go shopping for your baking appliances and utensils. You can also visit your local appliance gallery for a first-hand experience of the devices you want to buy.