Family Law Darwin 101 – Five Things You Shouldn’t Do During a Divorce

Getting a divorce is already a difficult thing to do physically, emotionally, and financially. It’s incredibly taxing and requires a lot of perseverance and gut to pull through. If you’re in the middle of a divorce lawsuit, you’ll want to make sure everything comes together smoothly. However, there are common misconceptions about family law Darwin that people usually do that will result in their situations getting worse. That’s why in this article, we’re going to go over five things that you shouldn’t be doing during a divorce case:


Don’t Expect to Come Away with a Windfall


Once the divorce case pulls through, you and your now-ex-spouse will have to start supporting two households on the same income that used to support only one. That means you won’t get to keep the house, cars, and accounts after all. You’ll still share responsibilities, only now you’ll have to do them separately.


Don’t Try to Hide Money


If you’re thinking about hiding some of your assets in an attempt to shield them from your ex-spouse; think again. It’s a bad idea because you will be held in contempt of court and be sanctioned the moment you get caught in the act. So might as well collaborate with your spouse and not make things worse for you.



Don’t do Things Out of Spite


No matter how frustrated and angry you are right now, doing things out of spite isn’t a good move. You can potentially end up looking bitter and irrational, which could temper and affect the judge’s opinion and decision.


Don’t Expect to Share the Pet


This one may not be on anyone’s though during the entire divorce process, but it does have some importance, especially if both you and your ex-spouse shared pets at home. Virtually, all judges will award the pet to one person. The person who will be willing to adopt your pet, take it to the vet, and cared for it daily will be more favoured.


Don’t Fight Over Things You Don’t Care About


Fighting over things that aren’t important will only lead to more frustrations. Instead, focus on what’s important. Ensure full custody of the kids. Get the house that belonged to your grandmother. Make sure that you’re in the best of positions after the divorce. Keep your eyes on the big prize and don’t worry much about the small issues.


By following these five tips about family law Darwin and divorce, you can make sure that you’ll walk out of that courtroom in one piece. You’ll get all of the assets that are rightfully yours, and you won’t have to worry about your ex-spouse ever again. Look at this website to know more about family law.