Raising Children with Good Oral Habits: Parenting Tricks That Work!

Making your children develop a routine of brushing their teeth can feel like a hard struggle at best. But you can make your life easier by developing and maintaining a dental schedule for your children and learning the most effective ways to teach good dental habits. Try these tips to teach your children how to care for their teeth and why it is so important.



Create a Schedule for Your Children’s Dental Visits


The key to maintaining good, long-term dental health and minimizing the possibility of developing problems is to know when you must take your children to a dentist Woodville appointment. You should try to do your best to follow this schedule.


Keep Additional Dental Supplies Around the House


Every time you go to buy toothbrushes, floss and other supplies, purpose to get more than you need. Having additional supplies around the house will ensure you never run out. Also, if you have a few brushes when it’s time to throw away the used ones, you can ask your children to go to the supply closet and choose which toothbrush they would like to use next.


Teach Good Oral Care Habits


If your child is physically able to hold a toothbrush steadily, it’s time to start teaching them about independent dental care and to ensure that they not only know how to brush their teeth properly but also understand why it is so important. Here are some tips to help teach your child about oral care and ensure that they know the value of healthy teeth for the rest of their lives.


Create a Dental Chart


Help your children learn and commit to memory all the steps involved in caring for their teeth by creating a colourful dental chart. Get pictures and instructions from magazines and books or allow your children to write the steps using markers or crayons. Hang this chart near the sink and remind them to read and follow it when they brush their teeth.


Be a Good Example


It’s not enough to tell your kids to brush their teeth; brush your teeth with them, so they see that you also take care of your teeth.


Teach the Right Techniques


It is crucial that your children learn to brush properly. Walk them through the right steps and teach them not to brush too hard as it can damage the enamel and their teeth.


Educating your kids about good oral health habits early on is very important for their well-being in the early stages of life, but you are also preparing them to continue to care for their teeth as they mature. Follow the advice from your dentist Woodville and remember to teach your children the proper way to brush their teeth and most importantly, why it is vital to do so.


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